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I have been pondering for a while, I've wanted my CSS and Javascript Minfied since i first heard of the technique all those moons ago. My first attempt was simply a bash script that i could execute on each rsync. But times have changed and it's become much more frugal for me to attempt this, not only on the fly but if the CSS/JS has changed, on each page refresh. Enter my Compression class, a YUICompressor wrapper that checks file modify times and compresses the scripts each time they change. Wrap this bad boy in a server aware if statement and we have a tool thats not only seamless but guarantees, compressed and happy CSS and JS that i can review in a dev environment by simply refreshing my page after a change. I'm happy.  Muchos happy.

In : PHP : Posted: 2011-01-29 12:01:42


Sat 6/10 : 1 Stars

Rating :: 1 Stars.
Swell :: 2.5 ft @ 8 secs.
Wind :: 3mph NNE

Sun 7/10 : 2 Stars

Rating :: 2 Stars.
Swell :: 2.5 ft @ 10 secs.
Wind :: 6mph ENE

Mon 8/10 : 0 Stars

Rating :: 0 Stars.
Swell :: 1.5 ft @ 9 secs.
Wind :: 12mph E

Tue 9/10 : 2 Stars

Rating :: 2 Stars.
Swell :: 3.5 ft @ 11 secs.
Wind :: 10mph E

Wed 10/10 : 2 Stars

Rating :: 2 Stars.
Swell :: 3 ft @ 10 secs.
Wind :: 7mph SE

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